Paypal Fee Calculator

Use our handy tool to calculate your PayPal fees instantly and easily determine deductions when using PayPal to send or receive money.

Free Online PayPal Fee Calculator

In the world of digital, PayPal is an online transaction platform that is broadly utilised by individuals and businesses to pay and receive money securely. It is better for users to be aware that PayPal is the platform that charges fees for providing its services. A PayPal fee calculator can be a valuable tool that assists you to calculate these fees more efficiently.

PayPal charges a fee for a transaction. Our online free PayPal fee calculator will give you an idea about the transaction with its charge percentage before you make any transaction. PayPal fee calculator will provide you the fee rates for international, domestic, on mobile card readers or virtual terminal via online, store location, swiped, non-profit, domestic, or cross-border.

Our PayPal fee calculator tool makes it simpler for users to evaluate their PayPal fees.


How to use Online PayPal Fee Calculator Tool:

  1. Input the total transaction amount in the specified field.

  2. Choose the type of transaction from fee rate and specify if it is domestic or international, etc transaction.

  3. Click the button to calculate an estimated PayPal fee associated with your transaction.


In summary, You can figure out the estimated costs of sending or receiving money on the platform with the help of PayPal fee calculator. This tool will provide you with a clear idea about making smart financial choices and money to be handled in a better way.


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