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Free Convert Text Case Online

Our tool “Convert Text Case” is 100% free to use. It helps to convert your text, sentence, and paragraphs to different formats such as lower case, upper case, sentence case, and capitalized case. Convert Text Case is an online web-based tool, an easy, fast, and secure online tool.

You are just required to type text into the text area or copy/paste your content in it. Then select your preferred Convert Text Case to lower case, upper case, sentence case, or capitalized case.


Upper Case


Lower Case

the lower case helps to convert text, words, or letters to the small (lower) cases.

Sentence Case

A sentence case is used to convert the letter of the first word into capital formation and the rest of the sentence is considered in smaller case form.

Capitalized Case

Capitalized Case Is Used To Convert The First Letter Into Capital Form To Each Of The Word In A Sentence Or Paragraph.


The output of the Online Free Convert Text Case Tool

Once all your converted text is ready, you can easily copy all your selected content by “Control C” and paste it to “Control V” or select “Copy to Clipboard” the content to save it to your file.

We hope this tool “Convert Text Case” was very helpful to you and saved your time. We request you recommend our Free Webmaster Tool website to your friends and family members.

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