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Our online icon tool converter 32 x 32 pixel to 256 x 256 pixel sizes for all your social media platform profiles without losing image quality | Graphfix Mode

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Free Online Icon Converter Tool

ICO converter tool is the most used tool to convert your images in different ICON pixel formats from 16 x 16 pixel files to 512 x 512 pixels. We have all types of pixels available which will help to download them into different pixel sizes as per your requirements. Usually icons are used in profile images, favicons, interface icons, and many more. Icon file contains a transparent background. Our tools help to keep the image quality good at any icon pixel sizes.


Below are the wide range of Icon pixel sizes available for ICO converter.

Width Height
16 16
24 24
32 32
48 48
64 64
96 96
128 128
256 256
512 512


Simple steps to convert ICO in different pixel sizes by using our free online tool ICO Converter.

    • Browse and select your image.
    • Then select your preferred icon pixel size and click the Convert button.
    • Hurrah, Your converted ICO file is ready to download.
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