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Image Resizer

Our fast and easy free image resizer tool helps in rotating, cropping, and resizing photo online without losing image quality.

Free Image Resizer Tool


In the digital world, online image resizers are the necessary tools for anyone dealing with digital images. Whether you’re a social media enthusiast, professional designer, or simply want to optimise your photo collection, a picture resizer can save you time and enhance the visual appearance of your image.


It is great for websites and the internet to make images smaller with the help of image resizer tools. Smaller pictures load faster and make websites easier to use. It is important to make a good presentation or print things with the help of an image resizer that changes the size of images which makes sure that they all look the same and clear. Picture resizers provide options to maintain image quality during resizing, so your pictures appear sharp and attractive.


How to use Image Resizer Tool:

  • Select image file from Computer, use remote URL or by dragging it on the page.
  • Select the desired ratio of an image that wants to be resized from the drop down list.
  • Select additional option to change orientation of an image.
  • Select the slider to easily change the size of the image.
  • Select the output image format to save the picture.
  • Click on the button to resize the image.
  • Finally click on the button to download the image.


In summary, with just a few clicks, the image resizer allows you to resize the picture as per your requirement. Whether you want to create a visual presentation, image resizers make it breeze.


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Graphfix Mode was founded in 2020, when the founder was working on a project, he was having trouble to get access to all the tools he required in a hurry, at one place. So he decided to create a platform, where every tools are listed on a single place and have a free and quick access to it. By keeping this in mind he created Graphfix Mode and now it’s easy for him as well as people who are struggling to use multiple tools they want instantly at one place.

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