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What is an URL Slug?

An URL is known as a “Uniform Resource Locator”, it is used as a web address of a website page to send users on a specific searched page. Where the slug is the part of the URL, located after the main domain used for sub-category pages and menu. This URL slug contains different types of pages separating blog, product categories, recipes, etc topics. It is mostly used for users to find related pages and helps to improve the SEO of the URL slug.


Online text to Url slug generator.

Our free URL slug tool is very fast and easy to generate SEO-friendly and human-readable URL slugs for SEO optimization. It helps users to understand the page information available in it and the crawlers

You are just required to type or enter your text into the “URL slug generator” tool and select the convert button to signify the text into a URL slug. Then select “Copy to Clipboard” the content to save it in your file.

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