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Generate SEO Friendly free URL slug from Text online. It is a fast and easy online slug generator tool.

Free Online Text to Slug Generator

Turn your text into a web friendly format by utilising an online Text to Slug Generator Tool for free. In the digital world, for the web development and content management system a tool called Text to Slug Generator is commonly used to create SEO friendly URLs from text. Slugs are necessary for developing search engine optimisation and readability of a website.


The generator generally performs various actions to create slug:

  1. Lowercasing: It converts all text to lowercase to maintain the consistency in the slug URL.
  2. Removing Spaces: To ensure URL readability, spaces are replaced with a character, often a hyphen(-).
  3. Remove Special Character: Special character and punctuation marks are cleaned out from the text.
  4. Cutting: Any major or trailing white space is removed from the generated slug from string.


How to use Free Online Text to Slug Generator Tool:

  • Enter Text or simply paste the string in the text area.
  • Click on the Convert button to generate a slug.
  • Copy the slug from another text area.


In summary, a text to slug generator tool is a valuable tool which helps in creating SEO optimised and clean URLs from string. It helps user experience to navigate a website and for search engines to index its content successfully.


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