Word Counter

Easily counts the words, texts, characters, characters(Space), and paragraphs online for free. Word Counter saves a lot of time | Graphfix Mode

Free Online Word Counter Tool

Now it’s more easy and fast to count words online in just a few simple steps. Our free “Online Word Counter” tool will help you to calculate your words, characters, characters(with space), or paragraphs quickly.


Online Word Counter

The calculator counts the number of words online available in a sentence or paragraph.

Online Character Counter | Characters (with space)

Counts the number of characters and space online available in a sentence or paragraph.


The calculator counts the number of paragraphs online used in the essay or web page.


You are just required to copy/paste your text content into the “Online Word Counter” tool and select your preferred text calculator format for quick results. And you are ready to copy/paste your calculated results or save them to your file.

We hope this tool “Online Word Counter” was very helpful to you and saved your time. We request you recommend our Free Webmaster Tool website to your friends and family members.

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