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Organise content alphabetically in ascending or descending and also in reverse order just by adding a few words by using the Text Sorter tool.

Free Online Text Sorter Tool

Text sorter is a powerful online tool implemented to enhance and put in order your textual content effortlessly. This effective tool helps in managing documents, articles or even notes which will make your life easier.

As simple as a few clicks, the text sorter tool helps in arranging your text in the ascending or descending alphabetical order, in reverse order, or randomising text. It also gives the option to remove duplicate text/line from the content. This tool is efficient in saving your time by replacing the manual sorting with automatic process. 

There is no need to be a technical guy. Text sorter tools have a user friendly interface that gives the best experience for users of all levels.


How to use Online Text Sorter Tool:

  1. Type or Paste the text in the text field.

  2. Select the desired sorting option from the list.

  3. Click on the checkbox to remove any duplicate text (optional).

  4. Click on the button to start the sorting process.

  5. Copy the sorted content on your desired platform.


In summary, Text Sorter is a useful and powerful tool to sort your text content as per your requirement and saving your time by replacing manual methods.


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Graphfix Mode was founded in 2020, when the founder was working on a project, he was having trouble to get access to all the tools he required in a hurry, at one place. So he decided to create a platform, where every tools are listed on a single place and have a free and quick access to it. By keeping this in mind he created Graphfix Mode and now it’s easy for him as well as people who are struggling to use multiple tools they want instantly at one place.

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